About us

For over 100 years now, Rolf has shown that playing and learning are inextricably linked. Rolf is an experienced manufacturer and worldwide supplier of a wide range of play and educational materials, and as such actively contributes to the enrichment of the learning environment of children up to twelve years old. Rolf products are distinguished by their high quality and durability. This is why you will find our products worldwide, delivered by our broad dealer network.

Trends and developments in both early childhood and education follow each other in rapid succession. You will know this better than anyone! This calls for new approaches. Rolf caters for your (changing) needs with an optimized selection of materials for play and development. Explore our diverse range of products in our colourful catalogue.

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Product innovation
The Rolf product development team enables us to quickly respond to current developments in early childhood and education. You may therefore regularly expect new products from us, in line with current themes and trends in both markets. We keep innovating and closely follow the latest developments to guarantee you get an up-to-date product range.

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The foundation of the entire product range is laid by the play and development materials manufactured by Rolf itself. Our own products, such as development chests, puzzles and for example shovels, carry the world famous Rolf logo and can be recognized by the robust materials, the bright vivid colors and the special drawings. All Rolf products are manufactured in the Netherlands. This guarantees you high-quality, durable materials and short delivery times.

Rolf Education is a company of the Rolf group. The Rolf trademark is owned by the Rolf group.